Realising the potential of private assets with AMCs

In the investment world, there is a steadily growing interest in private assets, including private equity and private debt.

The importance of private assets

Private equity and private debt are emerging as key components of alternative investments. They offer institutional and professional investors the opportunity to improve the risk-return profile of their portfolio, with the prospect of higher returns and greater diversification. However, due to their nature, investing in private assets can be intricate. Often unlisted companies or direct investments in specific projects are concerned. Investors face challenges such as the search for opportunities, high minimum investment requirements and complex legal issues.

An innovative solution: Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs)

An innovative approach to overcome these challenges is the use of instruments such as Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs). These instruments allow investors quick and flexible access to private investment portfolios. AMCs provide an efficient solution for exposure to private projects and assets. AMCs can be structured to meet investors' specific needs. Flexibility is one of their main features, allowing customisation according to the preferences of the asset manager or client.

AMCs offer various advantages:

  1. Ease of use: investors can focus exclusively on the transaction, while operational aspects are managed efficiently.
  2. Customisation: AMCs can be tailored to meet the segregation requirements of the asset manager or client.
  3. Transparency: investors maintain a transparent overview of the complete balance sheet.
  4. Lower costs: simplified processes reduce overall investment costs.
  5. Privacy: final investors benefit from greater privacy.

AMCs are an effective way to optimise investments in private assets, simplifying the process and offering more flexibility to investors. They are a valuable resource for asset managers and investors looking for attractive opportunities in this expanding business.

Are you interested in this opportunity?
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